13 Mar 2012

Dialogues 2012 - NUCA
States of being: material, incident, transformation  
Thursday 15th March 2012

Dialogues 2012 is a one day Fine Art Symposium 
We are very pleased to announce the following speakers for this year’s Fine Art Dialogues symposium:

Mark Harris          (Artist)
Sara MacKillop   (Artist)   
Neil Powell           (Artist, academic and Assistant Principal, Student Experience, NUCA)

Dr Mark Wilsher  (Chair of panel discussion)

Theme This subtitle of Dialogues 2012 is States of being: material, incident, transformation
This symposium will consider a range of diverse approaches to practice that probe and explore the meaning generated by materials. In light of current British sculptural practice, and the rise to prominence of artist’s such as Claire Barclay and Karla Black, concerns surrounding the use of material to evoke a sense of transformation, ambiguity and encounter have sparked a resurgence of interest in these relationships.                          
Dialogues 2012 will explore some of these issues through an investigation of different approaches to material encounter. These will include: a consideration by Neil Powell of Mono-ha, a group of artists working in Japan in the late 1960’s; the subtle transformation and disruption of meaning in the work of Sara MacKillop; and the fractured, architectonic collaged works of Mark Harris. Commonalities occur in acts of spontaneity, of unaltered states, of the bringing together or rearrangement of disparate forms to create new and complex narratives.

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