4 Oct 2011

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I share my studio with Bob Matthews and Leigh Clarke who regularly endure me singing the following tracks:

Darondo – Didn't I 
I've listened to this most days for the past year or so but I never tire of it. Such an amazing voice and even a nice little bit of flute at the end. Only recorded 3 tracks and played 4 shows, the last was as a support act for James Brown, before retiring and becoming a physical therapist.

Fred Williams and the Jewels Band – Tell Her
Again another great start that opens into something that sounds like its been recorded in the church hall. I know nothing about Fred and the band except, like Darondo, he has a great voice. Can't help but uncle shuffle around my studio when it's on.
Don Adams – Home Again Hello (1972 Version) 
Sweet flute intro. He sounds like an American soul singer but he was born in Glasgow and recorded the album Watts Happening in Europe. Great technicolour album cover with a cool dude on a pimped up Harley.
Esther Phillips – And I Love Him (live at jetts's pied piper club, LA)
More lovely flute in the intro (a common theme is occurring). I love a good cover version and this one by Esther Phillips is one of the best. Her warbling soulful tones make this better than the original, Every time I hear it I wish I was there in the audience listening to her say "I like to do this song for all the
lovers. We have lovers lined up wall to wall in here tonight."
Merle Haggard & The Strangers- Mama Tried (Recorded "Live" In Muskogee, Oklahoma) 
Bob Matthews got me into Haggard. We regularly have a Haggard hour in the studio. This is the live version as I love the thank you's at the end.
Tony Joe White – Aspen Colorado 
From his first album Black and White. He looks like a 70's Elvis who had realised fast food wasn't the way forward. I have never been to Aspen Colorado but after hearing this I kinda want to.
Donovan – Sunny Goodge Street 
When I moved to London in 1993 my first job was on Goodge Street. Beautiful visual lyrics about the kind of characters we see most days in the streets near our studio in Hackney.
Rodriguez – Crucify Your Mind 
Could have chosen any track from his brilliant Cold Fact album. A folk musician from Detroit who had little success in his home country but was huge in Australia and South Africa.
Kenneth Patchen - Murder Of Two Men By A Young Kid Wearing Lemon Colored Gloves 
Patchen's poem put to jazz. Genius.
Betty Davis –Bar Hoppin' 
Hendrix and Miles Davis' ex chews them up and spits them out. A perfect track to end of the day especially if it's a Friday and I don't have to rush back to pick up the kids from school and can catch a happy hour at the Kenton. Arms, rock, scissors, stone.

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